I think Dota is dying in china LOL is now bigger than Dota in China. The old player retire new players play LOL.

Article 3/4/16, 4:34 AM

Yes I admit its a failure, The only organizers in China that is good is the marsTV. same goes for other organizers in Asia and SEA. I think most of the tournaments in asia is trash except for the tournament hosted by koreans, but I don't think there will be Dota majors in korea because there is not much audience in korea for dota.

Article 3/4/16, 4:32 AM

I think people around the world would prefer products made in china than made in philippines.

Article 3/4/16, 3:35 AM

Excited to see how Manila Major willl be.

Article 3/4/16, 3:33 AM

Chuan to DK

Article 7/22/14, 7:23 PM

I think CTY will be permanent exchange for KAKA

Article 5/5/14, 3:21 PM


Article 3/11/14, 5:16 PM

Don't expect too much with this team they were just together for a few weeks.

Article 3/1/14, 7:55 AM