• Name bi deer
  • Location Viet Nam
  • Primary game DotA

b1_d3er's activity

I could not find lobby

Match 5/2/14, 4:00 PM

ok. coming

Match 5/2/14, 3:56 PM

ADd me http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sh3ever-LT1910

Match 5/2/14, 2:14 PM

go, pass 4u5

Match 6/22/13, 1:41 PM

WUD, where are you?

Match 6/22/13, 1:35 PM

pass 4u5

Match 6/22/13, 1:32 PM

i hosted. lobby pass 4u5.

Match 6/22/13, 1:31 PM

So long, we will free this game and go next game.

Match 6/22/13, 1:30 PM
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