or just imagine that the european champions league is delayed cuz man city get stuck in traffic jam on their way to camp nou, and sky sports playing the heineken ads for a whole hour...after all the weird is not the rules, but the behavior of being late.

Article 12/18/13, 6:49 PM

also, g-league differs from other tourneys in cn dota scene bcuz it's one that live on public TV channel, and gamefy even received customer complaints about casting advertisement for too long due to the delay of games in early years of g-league. so it s not so weired for them to make such strict rules. anyway, being punctual is sth esports should do to become a real professional sport. what they should notice is just to execute the rules fairly on everyone.

Article 12/18/13, 6:44 PM

ya, so its time for us to give promoting ideas instead of just complain.

Article 5/17/13, 1:52 PM

maybe u need a thread to collect all the feedbacks and ideas from user....

Article 5/17/13, 12:08 PM

pls add national flag to the clan name, and add a 'show all result' to recent games... the CET given on top is good, though i didnt notice whether it appears in the old version.

Article 5/17/13, 12:06 PM

ya, for me as well. the old version is neater imo, and the titles and things we wanna focus easily stand out from the page.

Article 5/17/13, 11:56 AM

Fonts are too thin and too many capital words. i think this is easy to counter.

Article 5/17/13, 11:53 AM

site looks cool. but too many capital title here, and doesnt look neat enough~ i some kind miss the old type of news title. but after all, big and exciting changes.

Article 5/17/13, 11:40 AM