3 in the morning, 3 afternoon and the last 3 in the evening. schedule seems perfect.

Match 1/1/14, 12:39 PM

actually i think bo9 is better if they do take break every 3 games...

Match 1/1/14, 12:38 PM

and we have seen many decisive game in the grand final of big tourney, TI3 MLG and this. but none is bo7 format. is there any other tourney using bo7 in final?

Match 1/1/14, 12:36 PM

i still remember in 2012 g-league season 1 grand final, iG took a 3-2 win over DK, and in many people's opinion that's the rise of iG dynasty. so maybe the winner of the coming decisive match will start a new legend?

Match 1/1/14, 12:33 PM

i guess it should be an odd number..

Match 1/1/14, 12:30 PM

lol imo dk could have taken a 4-0 straight win. there decision making in game 1 and 2 is ridiculous.

Match 1/1/14, 12:23 PM

2011 S1 LGD 2011 S2 DK 2011 S3 DK 2012 S1 iG 2012 S2 iG

Article 12/19/13, 12:39 PM

omfg that 0 sec aegis....what a shock if rabbit watch the rep. a little delay of the doom's v casting will completely change the match.

Match 12/19/13, 9:21 AM