perhaps none. chinese new year is right at jan 31 and players are on vacation i guess.

Article 1/10/14, 5:26 PM

it looks like a team designed for chuan's coming back..

Article 1/9/14, 7:17 PM

lol actually enchantress is incredibly strong in mid versus many heroes if no smoke gank happen..

Article 1/7/14, 12:02 PM

lol "every team needs a fat guy". btw in my opinion this interview is already among the most serious ones of icex3's..

Article 1/6/14, 5:22 PM

i guess the translation miss a small part. in the end of the video, when asked "what do u wanna say to ur fans", icex3 said: go buy my kael suit, i m lack of money lately...

Article 1/6/14, 5:17 PM

LOL icex3 is driven crazy by hao's trashtalk, timbersaw feeding the whole game...perhaps it still takes some time for mushi and icex3 to adapt to the atmosphere in offline tourney in china... p.s. hao's trashtalk is no fun at all and not skillful compared to rotk's imo lol

Match 1/4/14, 12:08 PM

tq~ that must be long ago...g-league is already bo5 since i watch pro games in 2011.

Match 1/1/14, 2:33 PM

lol in chinese tieba, fans say that it's valve's 50% rules....

Match 1/1/14, 12:42 PM