• Name Alexandru Libearca
  • Location Romania
  • Primary game Dota 2

Hathorism's activity

Dahaka si Memet n-au fost convocati? pl-n ea de veata , ce selectioner avem.....

Article 9/16/15, 6:00 PM

So many fucking lies about the roosters and stuff... Titan will play with their 4 members (ky.xy is still in vacantion ).Probably the standin will be Ben from yesterday or Tudi, depends on which is available ; same rooster as usual for ii . If ii runs the same triple-core like they usually do ( doom/weaver/ember , weaver/viper/void , etc ), they will have a huge advantage in the mid-late game, if they survive the early aggresion from Titan with heroes on hardlane that create space such as clock,timber,np,etc..Depends on the draft, that is why this game is so so unpredictable..If ii runs the tri-core and get away in the early 15-25 minutes, they win..if not, Titan will probably win with pushing strats like rhasta, dp , np and spacemaking heroes..i wanna bet at least 3 arcanas on ii, but for now , i dont have the balls to do it..dammit ^^

Match 8/25/14, 9:55 AM

Koroooooooooook, welcome back, one of my top 5 favourite players.. Good luck!!! edit : i still remember Korok`s storm vs dignitas when he made a rampage; amazing!!..i think it was my first ticket i bought, corsair summer , haha :) , lovely memories

Article 4/11/14, 8:13 PM

when I`m watching DK games, i expect innovation, big plays, huge clashes, entertainment...That was my point and what i was trying to say, not old Alliance split-push strategy..In this game, DK regressed by playing Alliance style and I dont like, as a viewer seeking for entertainment..However, they are playing for money, so whatever strategy they play, as long as they win, they will play it and I , as a viewer , must be ok with it. :) This was the reason I`ve said "poor performance by DK". @jillienne from your shit text you just wrote, you`re a lost cause, cannot provide you any explanation ; short-terms, yeah I`m whatever you name me

Match 3/8/14, 2:18 PM

i could not believe that DK are so rats, never thought i might ever write rats and DK in the same sentence, haha anyways, poor play by DK overall

Match 3/8/14, 2:07 PM

hahaha, exactly ^_^ already i think i`m champion at reseting the branches edit : vg got 1 game, haha..go go go 200 branches

Match 3/8/14, 12:54 PM

ALL IN on Vici

Match 3/8/14, 8:57 AM

no, demon is replacing bone7

Match 3/7/14, 9:42 PM
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