• Name Rick Boyle
  • Location United States
  • Primary game DotA

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Article 12/26/12, 7:27 PM

go to china or fail

Article 12/8/12, 7:14 AM

at least there is orange ig and dk in eswc there is only 2nd tier team navi and yes i said 2nd tier... china is pulling far ahead leaving euro scene in the dust like what happened in dota 1 the only solution is to go china and train as lgd.int did navi will just keep rotting in the euro scene

Article 11/14/12, 8:19 PM

dont think EG's fluke win against tongfu will repeat against LGD game will be a ride in the park for LGD

Article 11/7/12, 3:54 PM

great, entertaining and patient caster. I especially like how u invite pros to help give insights during your cast. And also your insights to the game have improved dramatically from the past 1 month or so, ur probably nearly on par with synderen in terms of giving insights You are best when u cast with godz btw

Article 11/4/12, 6:11 AM

guys it has been confirmed that it was not ice that said he gonna rape impunity etc. its actually garena that paid icex3 to keep quiet regarding that matter: its called a NDA -> non disclosure agreement garena was actually the one that made up those words this is done to hype up the event many got fooled but the truth is out btw ice doesnt even know who moonmeander is

Article 10/23/12, 5:15 PM

why even compare the euro scene to asia scene? the ig vs mufc and orange vs dk games were the first few asian games i watched since following the pro scene and its obvious to me the gap between euro and asian play is too big i thought wagamama sf was good until i saw how sf is really meant to be played by yamateh yamateh's sf made wagamama look like a thrash pub dude really deserved the legandary sf tag navi should start training with asian teams rather than pub stomping euro teams, thats bad training, by ti3 navi would be too weak to compete with asians if they dont stop making it a habit pub stomping weaker teams

Article 10/23/12, 6:22 AM
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