• Name Mike Makagonov
  • Location Russian Federation
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
[u]Now:[/u] - http://3DClan.ru 3DClan SC:BW team Head [b]Manager[/b] - http://A-Gaming.ru Main SC [b]Newsmaker[/b] - http://starcraft.theabyss.ru Forum&Ladder [b]Admin[/b] - http://iCCup.com iCCup Main [b]Newsmaker[/b] and [b]PR-leader[/b] - CyberMultigaming.SC [b]Leader[/b] - http://Reps.Ru [b]Articlemaker[/b] - http://ifu-team.tk/ [b]Manager[/b] [u]Ex:[/u] - http://PGTour.net Russian Forum [b]Admin[/b] - http://RSCup.ru Head [b]Newsmaker[/b] - http://ESL.eu ESL [b]Newsmaker[/b] - http://Reps.ru Portal [b]Main Admin[/b] - http://Venom.org.ru [b]Leader[/b] - http://reps.ru [b]Russia-A[/b] National Team [b]co-Leader[/b]

3D.InqubE's activity

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