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akidos_'s activity

Valve sucks China Ching chong so hard.. Guess they are small and easy to suck.

Article 2/13/19, 5:55 AM

After this Gesture by valve, China has made purchase of Battle-pass mandatory for TI9 for all Chinese people . They will also get tax waiver based on battle pass level. This will ensure the TI9 price pool to be 30 Mills.. Valve dont care anymore about sea or west..

Article 12/4/18, 10:47 AM

I think you are not aware about the cover up. Initially TNC paid one player playing in the talked about game to change his name to ching chong. Later took screenshot of the match result with that name and tried to lie about KUKU calling out player. But due to steam name change history this was caught red handed which caused the real ching chong community to rage more.

Article 12/4/18, 10:43 AM

Simple guys, Valve dont care if KUKU's career is destroyed.. If they don't let kuku play now situation will be same in TI. So no team will take kuku..and a life is ruined. This will give satisfaction to Ching Chong community who will go buy valve battle pass.

Article 12/3/18, 2:16 PM

What these Chinese are doing is something even worse than racism . This is beyond racism and they are preaching hatred . This tournament needs to be banned and TI should be removed from China. It was a very small issue for which the player was fined and he has apologized . Why are they going to extent of ending his carrier. If he dont play this , anyway they get 40% penalty on points + they will have same situation in TI too. I think every team and casters should oppose this shit show. I am for sure the word chingchong is now more famous thanks to china themselves and everywhere people will hate them.

Article 12/2/18, 6:50 PM

Why is there no SUB used deduction for NIP? They used Liquid player for whole tournament. They should get a reduction in points. As per valve "Any team that plays the LAN portion of a tournament with a sub will incur a 40% penalty on points earned from that tournament"

Article 11/19/18, 5:20 AM

Yes Sure, I agree to it. Secret Position 3 hero pool was not making plays.. Neither their Position 1 ever carried when midone was shut down..

Article 8/19/17, 6:56 AM

After Joining , it was a nice Khezu show for sometime but looking at last 2-3 months. Its like if Yapzor dont have early impact and MidOne do not carry game is over.. MP is never a true carry but just got carried ..All in all thinking dota 2 becoming professional games and not just friends in a team game where u want to only win this is the right decision. These are the 2 weakpoints in their team.. Another thing which i felt recently is Puppy Draft.. He is getting out drafted a lot.

Article 8/14/17, 4:17 PM
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