• Name Keith Lydna
  • Location Panama
  • Date of birth Sep 23, 1989
  • Primary game StarCraft 2
soy de panama , hoy en dia jugamos muy poco starcraft pero trato de ser la excepcion, ya que me gusta mucho este juego y na mas estoy en espera del famoso SC2. mi raza es terran y un saludo a todos los paname├▒os que aun juegan este juego aunque son muy pocos, sigan jugando que esto es entrenamiento para venir con todo en el SC2 tambien.

champignones's activity

wow long time since reconnecting and following bw, last time i quit it flash was on top, and now, wow, he still does, its kinda amazing he had done that feat. well jaedong doesnt look too good , 8 its kinda embarrasing for a monster he used to be, but glad new protoss like stats are high in the ranking.

Article 4/3/12, 7:48 PM

i dont know why ┬┤people are whining, this changes are totally deserved to the protoss race, thou weapons and armor makes no sense, emp radius it is kind the big deal, havent you seen that terran has a direct solution for everything protoss throws, inmortal, ht, sentry: emp, colossus: vikings,and its not like it requires tons of skill to throw an emp is so damm easy(like fungal growth), and kiting makes it way easy for T to destroy the so wrongly called death ball, and dont get me started about the 1 1 1 build which requires no real skill for the terran and its so effective, thou isnt as strong as before.

Article 10/27/11, 10:56 PM

i liked the trailer this game is like an experiment blizzard is doing without too much pressure from their fans like, dont do this , dont do that, they just throw crazy ideas and see how well they go. of course the trailer could have be made better but i kind loled about it, shows blizzard is having a good time doing this game, and remember most of the amazing stuffs come from accidents with no real intend purpouse as it says in the video.

Article 10/22/11, 2:02 AM

hell, its about time

Article 8/26/11, 3:56 PM

i loved the barracks thingy and the pre igniter, i hoped for other things but its all pretty cool imo.

Article 8/25/11, 8:29 PM

i hate both of these guys, they think they are the great thing when in bw they were other b /&/&es. i hope flash and jaedong transport to sc2 and become great, to teach these guys a lesson. one thing is your to be very confident to a point people think ur interesting , and other is to be bm outside and inside the game.

Article 6/14/11, 11:34 PM

i dont like his attitude at all, he can be good but his attitude its the reason i dont like him, i hope idra to destroy him again ( which i dont like for the same reason).

Article 6/5/11, 3:48 AM

the natural order is restored, i dont think a wrist will stop flash, i hope he recover after MSL, also hoping for him to tie nada, besides he is still very young.

Article 6/4/11, 5:57 AM
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