They aren't going to China yet. In part because it would make no sense to go there if you aren't in ACE, in part because there's tons of events for them in the West atm. They won't go to China without knowing they have a set schedule of upcoming events.

Article 9/19/13, 1:58 PM

#2 Fnatic vs. Dignitas was 2x USE, according to the Fnatic players.

Article 4/10/13, 12:03 PM

#35 And this is why you don't report on rumours. Yeah, DD isn't going anywhere.

Article 3/13/13, 5:36 PM

#12, The blogpost has been out since mid day yesterday, and every news organization knew AA wasn't going to VP before that, because we had followed up privately. Not like the rumours were focused on VP either, so in essence this is just blowing up a minor rumour that turned out to be untrue. As for Ars-Art's plans, he already made it clear in his statement when he left Na`Vi that he will be looking for a new team, and that will take it's own time. "Maybe" taking a break isn't exactly the most earth shattering announcement, especially when his exact wordings aren't included as well as the question.

Article 3/1/13, 5:32 AM

No news

Article 3/1/13, 4:32 AM

#15 This has all you need to know about how QPAD Red Pandas came to be and their goals:

Article 2/24/13, 11:08 PM

#15 Everything we've written at joinDOTA about this has been correctly reported and nothing has been attributed to EnVy as a quote.

Article 2/22/13, 3:41 AM

Reading a bit much into an icon changing on a website are we? (To be fair, it's probably right, but it's hardly an announcement, and all the details are entirely made up.)

Article 11/4/12, 4:35 PM