Wasn't it in February? The normal games ran from around 26th of December I think until around 7th of January, and then they went for a month long break for the Chinese New Year before the Finals were played. (Dates all taken entirely from memory)

Article 10/30/13, 6:19 PM

Arteezy can't commit to a team which practices regularly until he's out of high school, so it'll be another year before we see him join a big name team.

Article 10/27/13, 10:39 PM

TongFu - Zhou, Mu, XTT, ZSMJ, Sansheng TongFu WPC Team A (a.k.a. Adidas) - Cherry, uuu9, Mtsty, yj, An + This team.

Article 10/27/13, 6:04 PM

Alliance had a one game advantage for winning the winners bracket match. Always been the case with StarLadder. Also, the opening shot of v1lat in this video is just amazing :D

Article 10/26/13, 5:18 PM

Hard carry is a way of playing a hero, not a type of hero. It entails giving said hero high priority within the game and focusing on a stronger lategame presence than the rest of the team. Main carry is a bit clunky, and 1 position flows even worse in text, so call this a compromise in favour of good writing. Not like you don't understand the distinction anyway. P.s. Calling someone just a "carry" player makes no distinction between safelane, mid or offlane for most teams. Bulldog, Dendi, Mushi, H4nn1 are all carry players. GoD is likely to be a carry player for VP in most games. Resolut1on plays a carry role most games as well.

Article 10/26/13, 11:11 AM

Scythe.Sg and Moscow 5 at TI1, Na`Vi and Zenith at TI2, but I'm not sure what your point is. Firstly Na`Vi fans hate on Alliance harder than anyone else does. Secondly, you seem to imply that everyone has to have been a Na`Vi fan at some point. I don't think this needs to have been the case at all. Na`Vi has a huge fanbase, but it's quite alright to never have supported them, for whatever reason.

Article 10/26/13, 11:04 AM

Quite right, we talk about dual-core or tri-core lineups, which refers to how many strong scaling heroes there are on the team. It's just a simple distinction between supports and not supports, and every caster uses the term as well.

Article 10/26/13, 10:56 AM

Well, it's not like Alliance can't win with the crowd massively against them like at The International (it was honestly ridiculous), but StarLadder does take it to another level with no booths and 100% of the crowd being the most rabid of Na`Vi fans.Yes, the crowd does matter in such a situation, it matters a fair bit.

Article 10/26/13, 10:52 AM