"Compendium prize pool breaks $9,200,000,000: New stretch goal unlocked" $9.2 Billion??? Breaking News: LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates formed a new Dota 2 Team.

Article 6/11/14, 6:34 AM

Nope I did not forget that bro. Yes DK also r@ped Na'Vi. But I was talking about this game and and Fnatic/DK's game.

Match 6/6/14, 6:54 AM

XBOCT: Captain don't let that excalibur play his f@ck!n Tinker and r@pe me like mushi and burning T_T Puppey: Tinker? Let them pick Tinker and we will r@pe him instead right dendi boss? Dendi: So easy for dendi :) ... too bad I will not to see XBOCT being r@ped so hard by that Tinker..:( oh well..

Match 6/6/14, 6:43 AM

yup unless he can maximize his bkb time

Match 6/6/14, 5:11 AM

At last someone who understand my way of thinking. Although I don't want them to go to TI4 now it does not mean that I don't support them as a fellow Filipino. I don't want them to be the humiliated in the biggest DotA championship of the world. Even Mineski.Jay said that they are still newbie compared to other teams. Let them train and prove themselves first. Earn respect first. @cyprix you represent most of the stupid, noob and blind Pinoy fanboys in our country. You are one of the cancer of dota 2 Pinoy community. By the way, you should learn to argue without using bad words because it only shows your level of education making you look like a clown.

Article 6/4/14, 12:37 PM

please no mineski... they do not deserve that slot and they are not ready for this. I hope MVP get their slot and the two remaining slot will be from CIS, Liquid and VP

Article 6/4/14, 11:40 AM

Lakelz and company will now apply for US Visa :D

Article 6/4/14, 10:38 AM

MVP will be their replacement?

Article 6/4/14, 10:13 AM