yeah you are right bro but I'm still hoping to see The Butcher :)

Match 7/9/13, 8:50 AM

I don't care who wins this match but please I don't want to see the following: 1. Farm f*cking fest by Antifun and Cancer Lancer 2. Puppey pause and LGD.Pause P.S. - Please show us your bad ass Pudge Dendi

Match 7/9/13, 7:44 AM

R.thrOw.T.K FTW!

Match 7/3/13, 12:46 PM


Article 6/21/13, 11:46 AM

Suggestion only: Create PGF for DotA/DotA2 separately! DotA community here in the Philippines is really big. I'm 100% sure if they set the same venue (SMX) only to DotA, the number of fans will be even bigger and crazier. If PGF will be "The DotA Tournament" of all DotA tournament in the Philippines, venue like Araneta Coliseum with jumbo monitors will bbe better for the fans. I hope this year's PGF will be a lesson. Anyway thanks for the organizers of this event. Good day!

Article 10/28/12, 6:55 AM

Almost everyone expects Na'Vi to lose to these giant Chinese teams except me! I'm expecting Na'Vi in the Finals. Not that I'm a Na'Vi fan boy or something but what I like about this team is the range of hero choices and combinations together with their awesome strategies & skills. I'm sure the Na'Vi we've seen so far is not 100%. That is why I can't wait for the upcoming games. Btw my favorite player is not from Na'Vi, it's BURNING :p

Article 8/30/12, 12:45 PM