I was hoping that [A] will pick CK since they already have Natures Profit and Wisp just like TI3 g5 all over again...

Article 10/14/13, 6:24 AM

OMG! "When you can't beat their sh*t... create Rattlesnake.Int"

Article 9/19/13, 8:40 AM

remember the famous QoP blink of Julz in 5 enemy heroes in TI3 qualifiers? lmao

Match 9/17/13, 10:05 AM

I just hope they play a different style of Dota.. -> Aggressive, Gank-Oriented, Innovative -> Think of strategies to counter most banned heroes (ex: wisp) instead of banning them always. A good sample of these is Na'Vi's counter to Naga in TI2 which were Juggernaut and bkb enigma. I just wish them good luck :) Btw I support Na'Vi in west and and DK in east

Article 9/13/13, 1:09 PM

Dreamz road to TI 999

Article 9/2/13, 4:08 PM

I think it will be much more fun if the all-star match is like the nba format EAST vs. WEST. West Loda Dendi AdmiralBulldog Akke Puppey East Burning Ferrari_430 Xiao8 Mushi Chuan

Match 8/8/13, 5:35 AM

now any team can throw by typing GG and the game will end in 10 seconds :))

Match 7/19/13, 7:35 AM

sorry bro, say goodbye now to your rares... :)

Match 7/19/13, 1:47 AM