I think they can't win against Chinese teams consistently but they can (ex: dk). I'm not saying this just for pinoy teams but to all teams in that qualifier. I just hope SEA teams can at least grab 2 spots of the top 4 to qualify to the main event.

Article 1/11/15, 3:43 AM

Most Important Changes: 1. First rune 2. Nerf illusion damage to buildings 3. QoP blink and ulti 4. CK ulti duration 5. Lifestealer ulti 6. Diffusal blade not a unique attack modifier anymore 7. Beastmaster buff 8. Techies and BS to CM Note: That force staffable gyro missile lol

Article 12/16/14, 6:22 AM

2th Anyway good game :) Meracle stepping up

Article 11/9/14, 6:44 PM

omg so IAP the only ASIAN rep? gg lol

Article 10/17/14, 3:12 AM

I hope there is at least 1 slot for SEA/Korea :) maybe next time

Article 9/16/14, 2:26 AM

"Win Now Lose Later"

Article 6/17/14, 6:32 AM

please bet on DK.. hahaha

Match 6/15/14, 8:56 AM

New Stretch Goal: $11M -> Random pick 5 compendium owners from different regions (EU, NA, China, SEA) and give free ticket to TI4 LAN Event. Also they will play a LAN game against 5 of their chosen favorite players.

Article 6/11/14, 6:55 AM