approx not on the same level as others, hopefully he can improve more, this team would look strong then. (except for strux1 he is no good)

Article 11/4/13, 1:34 PM

Strong showing by Clan-Mystik, probably the only team that got VeryGames figured out :D. NiP on the other hand needs to step up their tactical cant just rely on individual skill when everyone around you improves more than you do...

Article 11/3/13, 1:01 PM

If you watch cArns stream you will know that he kinda is a bit noob in CSGO (compared to his 1.6 times where he was rly good) also dnno if GuX even touched CS:GO (dsn should have played it few times). NaVi on the other hand...i wanna see how good they are in 1.6 ...compared to 2010 if they just cant adapt to CS:GO or if they actually managed to get worse over the years.

Article 11/1/13, 11:40 PM

Basically you have to pay ESWC to be allowed to hold a qualifier, so if someone in pakistan has too much money and he feels like paying the fee to ESWC, Pakistan gets a qualifier. If nobody in Russia, for example, wants to pay the fee there wont be a russian qualifier. Thats the way ESWC works. You pay you play.

Article 9/30/13, 12:32 PM

I still do think that Black^ is one of the most skilled carries (in western scene aswell as eastern actually) he just needs a team that fits his playstyle. Or he changes his playstyle to a more active role without giving up too much skill. I also think practicing vs chinese carries will bring him further ahead and soon he can play on completely even grounds with chinese carries.

Article 9/15/13, 8:38 PM

Hvost is the best player on NaVi atm, so I dont see a reason to replace him. He is the perfect fit for that team and their playstyle. Funn1k, Dendi, KuroKy are all aggressive players by nature, they benefit from a carry like Hvost who likes to play aggressive too. Pajkatt (what i can recall from games i watched after was formed) rather farms and is not the most aggressive carry. Also Pajkatt mid > Pajkatt carry!

Article 9/15/13, 12:45 PM

Disagree, mouz had troubles cuz FATA and qojqva aswell as paS like to play agressive (as stated in FATAs interview) and Black^ likes to rice up. So they as a team missed so many situations where they could just sweep the enemy team off the map. Whatever is going to do, they need to have a good teamsynergy in general. Everyone will have to adapt.

Article 9/15/13, 12:40 PM

Why pick a mid-pubstar into a support role, and that guy also has school oO I dnno why some1 would want him in that lineup. He cant go to china.

Article 9/15/13, 12:39 PM