C9 is too skill-reliant...if they would have more tactical play they could easily beat any team in the world. Hiko is a machine in every game as soon as shroud and n0thing step up, they seem to be unstoppable.

Article 8/18/14, 12:43 PM

ESL One Cologne was an amazing event! Sadly Virtus.Pro didn't make it into the Grandfinals but well :/. I am glad NiP won over fnatic...the fnatic team to me seems not really symphatic (theres still the incident from Dreamhack Bucharest...) Btw: Maybe I am the only one, but I miss a stronger CIS scene... NaVi is strong yes....in 1.6 you had much more teams...kerchNet, NaVi, Moscow 5, Virtus.Pro etc. Nowadays its only NaVi and HellRaisers (although they underperform immense)...

Article 8/18/14, 12:19 PM

Gonna expect team and Playing Ducks to win in Group A. Group B might see upsets if myKPV.de is on a good day. Although i think mTw has it save vs Death.Energy. Gogo german csgo!

Article 8/4/14, 7:53 PM

and then? he plays in a team that doesnt dedicate themselves to the game as the chinese do. He will prolly start studying and cant commit that much to Dota2. He should play in China as long as he can. He will only benefit from it.

Article 5/4/14, 11:35 PM

You understand that its Blacks^ dream to compete in china? As a Dota player? He wanted to go to china to play dota there, in a team. You dont mock someones dreams, because that makes you look awful. 1. He doesnt play Carry in CIS he is playing mid 2. He is learning mandarin, he tries to adapt to the chinese environment. Also I think he is very talented, if he can get his mandarin-level on a good niveau he will only profit from his stay there. 3. CIS is a young and talented team, Black on the otherhand has more experience (yes he is more experienced when it comes to LAN etc than his teammates, you cant deny that). Maybe he can lead them and give them more mental stability. If Black^ would go back to EU he would give up his dream of playing and competing in China. He was a standin for DK for like 2 games, he gets a fair amount of respect of the chinese players it seems, why should he go to EU? To play in a T2 EU team that doesnt dedicate as much time to the game as he?

Article 5/4/14, 1:09 AM

mouz' decision to pick up those 5 danish lets call them proplayers, was the biggest mistake they could have done. I dnno why an Organisation with a rich history in eSports decides to pick up a mediocre team. Ofc after they signed Dear today, maybe they just wanted to get ressources free to focus more on Starcraft.... SyndereN moving away from playing to casting is a good step, since he is enjoyable to listen to, but i just cant enjoy him play :/ . Wonder if mouz.dk disbands now (if so I would expect mouz to be without a dota2 team, so they can focus more on sc2 and csgo)

Article 12/19/13, 5:21 PM

I actually hope this works well for both sides. I think playing for such a name as MYM (its only a name, its not the same people behind it anymore) might boost the confidence of that squad.

Article 11/13/13, 7:57 PM

I dont think NaVi will manage to qualify at Techlabs, Astana (already qualified), LGB and 3DMAX are all great teams. I think NaVi has to pull out some miracles to actually manage to qualify . But then again seized is now igl so maybe they change things up and it turns out well for them.

Article 11/7/13, 12:12 AM