It shouldnt be should be FPP. TPP takes away alot of individual skill. Hosting tournaments TPP style will not give you a correct impression of the skilllevel of players.

Article 11/16/17, 1:33 PM

Well that team actually looks rather scary right now Kirby, tabseN and crisby are solid players, kzy is a good IGL , if keev doesnt fail hard this team might actually surprise people in the EPS.

Article 1/4/15, 12:19 AM

The new mouz is only better if: 1. gob b is comfortable being the IGL 2. Troubley is on point 3. LEGIJA gets out of his slump permanentaly 4. chrisJ hits shots on LAN I dont see any problems with Troubley being on point, since he is most likely the best player in Germany by a far marging. The rest ....well we will see if they manage to pull it off, on paper its a great team! PENTA being better is something I dont know about. Dismissing robsen was a good move, the question is, will strux1 be able to find synergy with his new mates fast enough for them to build up on teamplay and strat-execution!

Article 1/3/15, 9:23 PM

yeah: oh nvm they cover the dignitas game, uhm maybe a russian stream will provide this game.

Match 10/25/14, 9:03 AM

Fxy0 really needs to fix his attitude, the guy is immensly skilled but seems to be impossible to get along...

Article 10/16/14, 9:57 AM

Not sure if adren was the problem here, but yeah...they need a change. I just wonder who joins now, from what i know s1mple left A-Gaming so the rumors are strong in that regard :D Also some1 from dAT Team could join HR (or some1 from kerchNet aka fox :D ) Will be interesting if it helps.... The biggest problem is still that ANGE1 is lazy as fuck...they play without real strategies and thats why they often get rekt ...

Article 9/9/14, 8:37 AM

ste is the subsitute player for mTw, since asmo is not allowed to play the EPS Finals for mTw.

Match 9/6/14, 1:36 PM

I feel Titan has issues in their team, like they are all really skilled (ScreaM best aimer, KennyS dominating AWP, NBK immense allrounder, Smithzz usually really solid), they also have great strategies and a good leader in I guess they have problems amongst themselves...I just dont get why they underperform with that roster. My dream final would have been Virtus.Pro vs NiP and VP wins it^^

Article 8/18/14, 5:18 PM