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Come join, password is 23348

Match 1/19/13, 10:06 AM

Already, come join

Match 1/19/13, 9:02 AM

Yes but I can't find your game

Match 1/19/13, 9:00 AM

There were some saying that it is due to match with a new season of G-1league. Also, iG will be taking a break as Chinese New year is around the corner. In China I believe they celebrate approximately 2-3 weeks more than mine which is about 1 month or so. So perhaps they're on an equal situation.

Article 1/15/13, 2:21 PM

Dang, was in overseas at that time. But haha, great read, keep it coming :)

Blog 1/10/13, 12:39 PM

I'm outside at the moment, will fix it ASAP when I get back.

Article 1/10/13, 12:25 PM

Look, firstly, I'm sorry that I misread a couple of words and that I'm still relatively new to dota 2 Chinese slangs. Though, it isn't easy to translate interviews perfectly, we're all humans and we make mistakes. I clearly had no intentions of making him sound arrogant and in my opinion, it made him sound confident than arrogant. If I did wanted to make him sound arrogant, I would've wrote nobody can defeat us. Before you rant how you can do a better job, I'd like you to see yourself in the news industry and continuously doing it alongside schoolwork, life dedication etc. and also, I'm in a multi-language country, we speak mandarin, Cantonese, English and Malay, sometimes even Hokkien. I speak all languages at all necessary times and its not easy. Sometimes they mean different in Cantonese(slangs). Tl;DR, I had no intention to make them sound arrogant, I'm sincerely sorry for my mistake, I'm also in fact a Chuan fan.

Article 1/10/13, 11:35 AM

Bye GoDZ, best of luck in the near future. You've been a great friend!

Blog 1/8/13, 9:56 AM
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