who won this game?

Match 9/1/13, 4:54 PM


Article 9/1/13, 4:44 PM

winnin streak then goes losing streak for months! Edit: i always believe mineski can do it but the ph scene is not improving at all. I think there will be no hope for the esports @ ph..

Match 8/31/13, 5:34 PM

just dont choke and mineski has 65% chance to win! no MITH = Impervious vs mineski finals

Article 8/31/13, 10:04 AM

i dont know if this is a troll or what. errrrrr *mussttt thhhiiinnnkkk*

Article 8/31/13, 2:30 AM

ehome? you kidding me!

Article 8/30/13, 5:48 PM

lets hope fnatic guys take the game seriously.

Article 8/28/13, 6:07 AM

gg net please ban this user @shoesus21

Article 8/28/13, 5:58 AM