ph team's do not practice like other international teams. ph teams = always underestimate other teams and plays for FAME. international teams = review replays ph teams = no discipline ( Except for PGG's team ) international teams = very disciplined flame me now, that's the truth in ph scene. Observing in Pacific event and Mineski's GMPGL i was always there. ph dota and dota2 will not be a top team unless they will put their minds into it. even if you have that julz thing he was rape internationally. We ph are 3 years behind other countries. So much time catching up but ASA to catch up. just like how orange in the days are leveling with ph teams now they rape ph teams dota and dota2. Good Luck. In Ph if you are a player you get good girls. that is what the players here in ph are for.. F***ing Girls. RESPECT the game guys. good luck

Article 10/7/12, 4:24 AM

I dont understand why big teams withdraw from this kind of tournament wherein the can have this as practice or anything ( does not mean that other teams will be subject as guinea pigs or something ). Even in decreased in prize pool every tournament should be considered. anyway its their team their choice. Maybe i was just trying to hope that navi will still play. GoodLuck to all teams.

Article 10/3/12, 1:49 PM

#44 Strongly agree with you but chuan is cuter

Article 10/1/12, 8:22 AM

#11 I dont know if its available at your region.. I gave some to filipino players. Please verify if the keys to alienware can be used by lebanon country. thanks.

Article 9/13/12, 6:47 AM

#9 i got keys u want one?? alienware gives key last week i thnk thats about 3k of beta keys got some keys myself. though i can share that.

Article 9/11/12, 4:08 PM

it should be pagibig.tnc (aka duskbin cause most of the players are former duskbin) should always be invited or join internationa tourney not mineski who's we dont argue about really missing something i dont say its julz but they need something to gain the momentum. It's really nice to see ph players now in dota2 scene. GL to all..

Article 9/11/12, 3:37 AM

dendi really a good player but i saw him play last night. it was like "whoah is this really dendi?" he keeps getting gank although it was by SS and SandKing. Really hard to avoid but he should be atleast more careful last night getting i think 7/20.. dendi really fed SS early to late game.

Article 8/4/12, 4:07 PM

#3 you need not to explain. you made a great run @ the tourney. We hope to see more of the more improved neolution. Great job guys. Congratulations to MITH.Trust for winning the Thai eSports. Great Job

Article 8/1/12, 10:08 AM