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Answered in the forum section already, but Shaman! And it's in the Dota 2 section to try and get awareness probably. It shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Article 1/24/14, 4:54 PM

Kind of dumb. They should just let Meracle play. Is there an issue with the sponsorship if they win if they aren't all the same nationality? I don't understand. You cheer for a team, not necessarily a country.

Article 12/17/13, 6:27 PM

Enjoyed the read! I wonder how my deck would compare to these! Is there going to be a Hearthstone subsection here?

Article 11/11/13, 4:25 PM

I've honestly, for the first time ever, started using this website as my go to place on teams. Talking on the phone with my friend, "Oh, who is on Vici right now? They look really good." Instead of digging them up in the Rankings here, I simply went to your Wiki. It's awesome. Keep it up!

Article 11/10/13, 4:26 PM

Great strides as always. Really happy that the flags are back. The match pages look really professional and put together well too. I have a question though. Is the ranking system finished, or is it still being worked on? I know that at some point you guys had said that coding was being done so it can be updated automatically instead of manually, or something along those lines. I only bring this up because I see that Orange is place at 6, but they haven't won nearly as much as say Fnatic, and Fnatic's matches I'd even say were harder. Is it planned so that if there is a roster change the team will reset back to 1000 points? It shouldn't be that much a detriment, because if a team with a 1000 points beats a team with 1500 points, they'll start balancing each other out. Anyway, really good job.

Article 11/5/13, 7:38 AM

Having too many high profile tournaments for our Chinese teams to choose from is a huge improvement over ACE's regulations that have made them participate in way less tournaments recently. I'm confident these will all be fun to watch and the teams will make whatever decision that they feel is right. However, the thing that I am worried about is what happens when these 3 tournaments are over? Having too many tournaments to choose from is great, but not if they miss on tournaments from so many within a few month period, followed by a drought of tournaments. If that is the case, they should all try and spread out to let everyone play everything. I don't remember the Chinese tournament that happened after G League last year, can someone help me remember, and say maybe when it was? Was it the G-1?

Article 10/30/13, 3:54 PM

Twitch stream: http://www.twitch.tv/openbottle

Match 10/28/13, 6:26 PM


Match 10/28/13, 6:26 PM
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