• Name john mark galela
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game DotA

janjalani's activity

open the bet please.

Match 8/10/13, 7:20 AM

how to stream live?

Match 6/20/13, 2:03 PM

Please give us chance. What will you do with 2 MB [:P]

Article 8/9/12, 11:51 AM

Can someone name the MSI players in this photo?

Article 8/9/12, 9:16 AM

Go Mineski [satisfied]

Article 8/7/12, 4:30 AM

Group D phase is almost finals.

Article 7/28/12, 1:25 AM

Congrats Pcfc BB. Pinoy PRIDE. [:D]

Article 7/23/12, 1:33 PM

Mineski take back your crown please. [:P]

Article 7/18/12, 1:17 AM
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