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  • Primary game Dota 2

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fear back to carry and zai is back! cant wait for their performance! really hope they dont get cheesed out by a Bo1 during open qualifiers!

Article 6/13/16, 9:46 AM

since the frankfurt major, these are OG's tournament placements: 1. Dreamleague 1st place 2. The Defense Season 5 2nd place 3. The Summit 4 4th place 4. MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter 7-8th place 5. Starladder 4th place 6. EPICENTER 3rd place 7. DreamLeague Season 5 1st place. I would disagree that they "played bad for 7th months"....

Article 6/10/16, 6:18 AM

sumail thrives under pressure!!

Article 8/9/15, 5:54 AM

to be honest i do feel that rave deserve an invite over both MY and Newbee....roster stability and performance wise, rave has a stronger case than the other two...newbee is the team that is least deserving of an invite...yea you can giv me the "past year TI winner" crap, but bad performance is bad performance...plus, two of their best players aren't even in the team anymore...newbee's invite is really not justified...

Article 5/7/15, 8:13 AM

in before peenoise's rage....

Article 5/7/15, 5:44 AM

hahaha 322k prizepool!

Article 4/30/15, 11:34 AM

LOL...wtf were u expecting him to answer then?? "we suck more at dota compared to them??" even pub scrub like urself wouldn't have such a defeatist mentality...also, iceiceice also mentioned in another interview in another tournament last time that they were gonna do drugs n hire prostitutes after the tournament, so if the police were to be as shallow as you they would have arrested him now would they?

Article 4/27/15, 4:28 AM

tier 1.5-2?? wat?? is there n official tier system or gosugamers is making shit up again? like their "ranking" system, where u can not win a single lan n still be number 1...

Article 4/7/15, 2:57 AM
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