• Name Tomi yoOn
  • Location China
  • Primary game StarCraft

yoon's activity

can you gyus tell me channel and time ? andd give me some link to see if im signed up ;s

Article 3/23/12, 1:57 PM

let me in

Article 7/6/10, 1:53 PM

woooooowww idra face >> mana face WOW i never hope that there is worst than idra`s face in the world

Article 1/15/10, 6:06 PM

gg [img] [>_<]

Article 3/5/09, 11:21 PM

wtf so angry that guy need to have something on hes face hes scared me [>_<] [:(] [eh]

Article 3/3/09, 12:57 PM

wow zero is amazing

Article 1/16/09, 6:23 PM

orion will win im sure ^_^

Article 1/9/09, 2:20 PM

i drunk black label every ficking day

Blog 12/30/08, 2:39 AM
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