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idk why you guys hate jessievash so much i mean granted he is not the best offlaner but he is a very good position 4 if you ask me. if anyone should be eliminated it should be julz. You think hes a good support most of the time because his mistakes get overshadowed when hes teammates are doing good. I dont get why people overrate him so much. i can name 5 ph support players that are better than him seriously. the support tandem of vash and ryo earlier was better by a mile. Watch the games carefully and see how vash impacts the game and how julz feeds and ges unecessary kills from the opponents. if Mineski want the best lineup i say get eyyou from TnC which is i think impossible right now. he is the best drafter/captain in Ph right now if you ask me which shows on the exponential rise of TnC. Kuku Benhur Jay Jvash and eyyou will be very good. *crossesfingers lol

Article 3/23/16, 4:24 AM

Very strong points. Jay and Kuku are very gifted mechanically skilled players. Their 3 cores are very good and i think their individual skills are very high. I like this lineup very well because they are very versatile. What i would think is the weakness is julz. he is not used to play support. his hero pool pool is small, he gets out of position almost (always) and alot more. I think they should evaluate him. if Mineski want to go the extra mile i think they should replace julz with a more reliable support. Just my opinion though no hate

Match 10/13/15, 9:02 AM

Who is Mineskis standin? I hope they kicked that Yamaguchi guy already. Hopefully

Match 1/21/15, 5:21 PM

Yamaguchi needs to be kicked so is RR. He is like a walking gold mine. And he can only play venge ang skywrath. My god those two gave me cancer

Match 1/15/15, 6:52 AM

Dat Mineski offlaner what a noob. That guy cant even play an OP Panda in this patch. Kick that trash WTF

Match 1/14/15, 1:54 PM

I agree, actually their lineup was ok even after the nyx pick. What fucked them up was the laning at btm. Img was smart to put brew at bot to negate the farm on void. And that void BKB item choice was no use if you ask me. If he went for maelstrom or any damage item after mom he could kill anyone inside chrono faster

Match 1/13/15, 6:35 PM

Yup, but atleast the teams get experience as a consolation. The outcome is already clear here. Its just nice to see teams evolve throughout this tournament. I have seen alot of improvement from Mineski if you compare it from the first day. I just dont like the offlaner. Seems like he is not yet ready for the spotlight. Kid chokes alot

Match 1/13/15, 6:24 PM

Thats the problem of Jay sometimes. He thinks he can do it all. xD

Match 1/13/15, 6:10 PM
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