Where have you been all my Dota 2 life ?!

Article 5/24/12, 12:26 PM

New formed teams like VP have the potential and i like how Valve are giving chances to these teams.

Article 5/22/12, 9:32 AM

#51 How is Asia's Dota play boring? Do you not understand the pun when it was always mentioned Na'vi is "Asian level"?

Article 5/22/12, 1:22 AM

If Valve is looking at this, they either would be relieved to have not considered Darer beforehand or had just shredded their invites.

Article 5/20/12, 1:13 PM

#5 Its the players, not the race that counts.

Article 5/19/12, 6:16 PM

#72 Valve had mentioned before that they are only inviting teams to TI2 with a stable roster. So it does not matter whether a team has been dominating recently or not, if they have been changing their rosters/teams on numerous occasion, those teams are practically out of the equation.

Article 5/15/12, 3:33 AM