PGG with his cases of vodka

Article 11/15/14, 2:12 AM

Hahaha, the three guys betrayed Yamateh, then got betrayed by Mushi. Felt sorry for them and the M'sian scene

Article 11/12/14, 5:54 AM

Xboct just need to be leashed by someone.

Article 11/1/14, 7:07 AM

So many bad decisions i lost count.

Match 10/24/14, 6:44 PM

Watching hyperaggresive team duking it out is the best.

Article 10/19/14, 4:52 AM

"he feels rather aggravated by the community's behavior towards the tournament's administration, especially due to the fact that almost everyone refused to examine the organization's side of the story" Perhaps because the community don't buy into your organization's way of handling it.

Article 10/18/14, 7:50 AM

Vanskor and FNG definitely have the skills, but FNG's pick is kind of atrocious at times. He needs to have plans if the game drags on after mid game, especially against Chinese teams.

Article 10/3/14, 6:32 AM

The reasons are practically the same, young players without sufficient proof of personal securities eg finance, job etc. Though Ph is US ally in the region, it does not give them automatic entrance. Besides, you cannot ignore the fact that a Ph passport only allows up to about 60 countries entry without visa.

Article 10/2/14, 3:30 PM