• Name luciano leguizamon
  • Location Argentina
  • Date of birth Nov 2, 1993
  • Primary game Dota 2

lopsd's activity


Article 7/15/17, 7:50 PM

$ won? i only came here for that

Article 12/27/15, 8:01 PM

newbee won last ti picking the same heroes and strat that they used to play before ti, ice3 talking shit like always

Article 7/26/15, 6:40 AM

time of combo?

Article 5/25/15, 7:44 AM

why dont u show how much money do they got

Article 3/23/15, 1:17 AM

Resume: FPS games will be always filled with cheaters, if pro player use cheats imagine in your scrub mm ranked match. Stop wasting time in this game and play a serverside one Cheers!1

Page 12/29/14, 12:28 AM

fps games are a piece of shit because you can use cheats online and even pro players do did and will do

Article 11/20/14, 9:48 PM

arteezy looks good :)

Article 11/2/14, 1:36 AM
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