I dunno if he's a good player or not, but I kinda think it's a pain to play with this guy. He's always complaining about his teammates and yelling at them (and this doesn't necessarily mean he's performing better than them)

Article 04/03/2013, 21:26

#5 15 versions ago when dota 2 had half the gangers it has now? GG farming so easy with smoke and retarded combos like CK/Wisp who can just tp in your face and own you.

Article 21/02/2013, 12:37

With her super low damage and crappy stat gain I'm pretty sure we won't see Medusa soon. You may find her in a game or two but with the current meta (extreme burst combos and snowball carries) , there is no room for a carry that needs to farm for 40 mins to be useful.

Article 21/02/2013, 11:39

Hahaha I hope Zenith shows them how it's done, but it's gonna be funny cause if Imp loose it will trash all the HoN scene, if something like this happens with LoL too I'll have the proof I need to laugh at everyone who says LoL/HoN takes more skill.

Article 16/10/2012, 13:08