The versions of the programs are given numbers depending how big the changes are (in the minds of the programmers). This is balance patch which is bigger than usual (hence 6.84 and not 6.83d) but there's no groundbreaking change (like removal of Roshan) or change of ownership (like Guinshoo -> Icefrog)

Article 4/18/15, 9:42 AM

>I immediately regret my decision

Article 4/4/15, 5:13 PM

whoops, i stand corrected

Article 4/2/15, 3:42 AM

You caught me, the old one was ugly

Article 4/1/15, 1:34 PM

you are first!! here, have ixmike without a moustache

Article 3/30/15, 4:02 AM

you saw nothing!

Article 3/26/15, 3:38 PM

(PS. I know Bucharest has no port, it's a figure of speech)

Article 3/26/15, 3:30 PM

oh come on, i thought CIS people would actually give a damn :P

Article 3/24/15, 7:34 PM