So far they are in, it's either them or TongFu (top-12 -> playoffs)

Article 01/02/2015, 16:34

yes i know this image is probably ancient, but it's moonmeander in a complexity shirt!

Article 24/01/2015, 05:32

Article 31/12/2014, 18:23

I am very annoyed by the lack of ixmike awesomeness in this list. GODDAMMIT SNA, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

Article 16/12/2014, 18:19

I somehow feel cooler just by writing this article. Imma be one of those parents that let their kids smoke dope and listen to Funkadelic in the house

Article 03/12/2014, 23:36

The bracket will be updated in a few minutes (you can view the updated bracket in our WCA coverage hub)

Article 03/10/2014, 18:21

gief !!

Article 08/09/2014, 13:47

Experienced drafter = no chance for pubstars good run by Sp4 though!

Match 22/08/2014, 19:41