• Name Edgar John Bayabos
  • Location Europe
  • Primary game Dota 2
i'm stronger than ferrari_430. trust me.

ejbayabos's activity

sad la

Article 4/20/16, 12:12 AM

rofl. 3 of the best carry's of china. in 1 team xD farm farm farm.

Article 4/9/16, 6:50 PM

i guess it was Rising Star. he joined that team after his fight with longdd, they said he punched longdd or something. oh i remember now. that was when LGD kicked him for the first time xD.

Article 4/9/16, 6:48 PM


Article 3/21/16, 11:29 AM

o boy! i thought im the only one whos thinking that MVP is using TNC playstyle/drafts/strats. i mean after TNC rekt them 3-2 i forgot what tournament but it was before shanghai major, they keep imitating TNC and reking teams left and right.

Article 3/21/16, 10:35 AM

ferrari shoulve join the likes of VG, EHOME, CDEC, etc.. oh well i hope you the best. youre one of my favorite player after all.. xD

Article 3/19/16, 4:53 PM

it feels like what aloha and empire do to him is scripted. like picking Lone Druid because they knew that he's a bad LD player. and making him draft in the finals. so if he fails, they gonna kick him instantly. but he succeed (too bad for them) they still kicked him because they really hate to play with him. GL in the future XBOCT i hope u find a better team. about aloha and empire. i hope you lose all your games and disband! lol

Article 3/16/16, 1:00 PM

sylar, ferrari, xiao8, mmy, lanm please. ))) i guess what rotk talking about is the old DK. him, burning, super, longdd, zippo. or mmy, burning, rotk, super, qqq.

Article 3/5/16, 6:46 PM
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