it is kuroky ...

Article 2/27/13, 5:24 PM

Wow, big surprise [spoiler] no [/spoiler]

Article 2/26/13, 1:10 PM

DotA2 > HoN > LoL Sorry Ladies, it is what it is

Article 2/22/13, 11:36 PM

Dream on

Article 2/21/13, 7:40 PM

Fuck :D:D:D:D I said KKY or Merlini will win :D

Article 1/9/13, 2:35 PM

As soon as people become some sort of famous or have fans, haters show off and start flaming for no reason. Maybe add constructive criticism or stfu

Article 1/5/13, 8:50 PM

latest additions blew up the team.

Article 1/3/13, 9:09 PM

SD slowly making it's comeback?

Article 12/17/12, 10:42 AM