ArtStyle will be Mad if he sees the q&A interview about him...

Article 7/4/12, 12:22 PM

Dota 2 is just not the game for him too many good players and team there. i think he deserves playing in HoN.

Article 7/2/12, 12:56 AM

nah i want a dire hero! too much radiant heroes already

Article 6/28/12, 12:22 PM

im sure darer will work hard.. after all theyre captain is artstyle who had won the previous international

Article 6/25/12, 2:43 PM

i hate it when navi is raping their former captain's team

Article 6/18/12, 2:07 PM

thats the consequence of leaving darer!!what i meant is the 3 were better in darer than this one. no offense to VP though

Article 6/13/12, 11:52 AM

hope they will do better than before

Article 5/10/12, 2:47 AM

Mineski noob

Video 5/3/12, 3:49 AM