Article 8/13/13, 11:06 AM

its no troll guys artstyle's steam profile says it all view his aliases

Article 8/6/13, 11:47 AM

lgd one of the best teams yet no lgd player in the allstar match...dafaq??

Article 8/2/13, 10:50 AM

Article 6/27/13, 11:50 AM

Solo : i dont know what to do with my life anymore

Article 6/22/13, 2:48 AM

and then again his passport will be forgotten just like last year. :v

Article 6/3/13, 10:29 AM

game drafts?

Article 5/23/13, 3:54 AM

most shittiest tournament ever [crazy]

Article 5/9/13, 2:30 AM