• Name Gian Pacayra
  • Location China
  • Primary game Dota 2

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GGnet.Gian's activity

Trash team. And good for Dendi.

Article 10/16/15, 2:26 PM

I hope this new Ehome don't fail. new DK /facepalm

Match 1/7/15, 6:01 PM

EZ Arcana EZ Life

Match 10/23/14, 10:10 AM

Free cash for Mushi.

Article 9/12/14, 4:45 AM

Cool Kuro back to carry role!

Match 9/8/14, 3:41 PM

I'm the 777th Commenter! WOOOHOO!

Article 9/8/14, 3:39 PM

Just invite Yaphets to DK

Article 7/24/14, 9:14 AM

Worst TI Ever.

Match 7/22/14, 5:05 AM
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