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pN.berg_zerg's activity

hm really hard to call who will make it. Group E is intersting 15 year old CreatorPrime imo has the most skill but he chokes harcore due to nevers issue in important games. Supernova and Happy 2 very good terrans that actually dissapoint most of the time though. Boxer and July the two old guys No idea how this will play out

Article 3/8/12, 8:26 PM

Nice to see DrG finally breaking through He was said to be the biggest talent of SC2 like 9 months ago when he absolutely destroyed everybody left and right in GSTL and some smaller tourneys .. but for some reason he till this GSL never managed to really break through on the big scene.... (Like MC,Nestea,MvP and MMA did) Now he is there imo Good Job

Article 3/3/12, 5:14 PM

I mean i was even Top 100 Icy Tower player at some point because there was almost no competition before that game became popular [santa] I had 45K points score when a 69K score was world record ... 1 year later when many more people played scores of 600k were normal... in Europe and NA both the most talented guys to play SC2 arent even playing the game. The probably work in a regular job and give a shit about e-sports Thats because only so few foreigners play SC2 the "one eyed" guys are the kings amongst the blinds. Ofc they have no chance vs people who can see out of 2 eyes [;)]

Article 2/21/12, 4:57 PM

Holy shit this dude is a creepy freak ... However i think he is very much right in many points. Fe: that going to Korea wont necessarily make u a better player. Imo the reason for korean dominance in SC2 is pretty simple though. Its the same reason any nation is good at any e-sports. More people playing -> greater talent pool to choose thats all. I mean in Q3 f.e. Almost all good players are either from America or Eastern Europe. In Counterstrike its mostly northern europe guys (Sweeds and Denmark) Fifa is mostly Germans Wc3 is chinese etc. I mean think of it this way -> How many guys in whole Europe do practice Sc2 every day as hard as they can having a dream to make a living out of it ? 200-300 ? and this is for whole Europe .... How many Korean 14-16 year olds practice SC2 like mad to chase their dream ? 15.000 ? See the difference Players like Idra,Huk and Sase who are all very good would never have become Sc2 progamers if they were born in Korea. Although their talent is good enough to make it into the TOP 10 out of thet 500 foreigners trying They simply dont have the talent to make it into the TOP 100 out of that 15.000 koreans tyring.

Article 2/21/12, 4:09 PM

#13 he probably means that Koreans dont take foreigners seriously and will lose a few games on purpose to either avoid other koreans in the RO16 or help fellow teammates to get out of group Koreans have always done this in broodwar Since currently in SC2 they are as dominant as in BW its high chance it will happen here , too Allthough i dont think there is much need for this currently

Article 2/19/12, 8:08 PM

Naniwa, Huk , Sase are all 3 better imo ToD maybe up with them but he yet has to show

Article 2/18/12, 4:09 PM

#11 I am not saying the group itself is low skill or anything. Also i agree that the group is very exciting. Its just that in the shadow of B,C,D which all seem impossible Group A is the only group a foreigner has actually a small chance to advance

Article 2/17/12, 7:39 PM

LOL u guys saying group A is the "hardest" of all these groups i see it different. Puma ~ medium Code A Boxer ~ not even Code B ret, Tod 2 foreigners MKP = only legitimate Code S player in there but all other groups have a ton of high Caliber Code S guys B C D are all super sick full of GSL Code S high caliber players and almost impossible for any foreigner I see no chance for foreigners at all a) Marineking and Puma b) MMA , Jijaki but Life is also really good new and upcoming player c) MC and MvP by faar favourites d) Alive and either leenock or Nestea

Article 2/17/12, 6:26 PM
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