I think you are right with them wanting to attract new viewers. And I believe Day[9] will know a bit more than Machine did. I really dislike the idea of the panel explaining stuff to the host though, even if it does help new viewers. OK if he asks a few questions that aren't totally elementary its actually cool in my opinion. Let's face it even casters do that and it is totally fine, that is why we have co-casters. Asking "what is a nuker" (extreme example probably) shouldn't happen, that is what the newcomer stream is for. But stuff like "why did they pick this hero to lane against this one, what makes him a counter" or anything draft related is quite fine, even long time players and viewers don't always know exactly why it is the case. And I am really glad they brought the newcomer stream back, that was a great idea and the few ones I watched at TI4 made it seem like you can even have non-Dota players watch that one and enjoy. Imagine having a girlfriend who doesn't understand what is going on and saying hey I am going to watch TI for two weeks anyway, why don't you join me since you are a decent girlfriend who is interested in my hobbies and maybe you like it too.

Article 7/25/17, 9:51 AM

I really like Day[9] and I am sure he will do a great job at TI, he knows what he is doing. But I really don't agree with this decision. It is not about the lack of Dota knowledge, it is about having guys in the scene who are proven to be really great hosts and choosing someone who has never hosted any Dota tournament to do TI. I mean it is not only players who feel they have to work hard and prove themselves during the year to get invited to do TI. TI is a Dota caster's dream job. How they say yeah Redeye you have done amazing work for Dota and even Dakota is totally capable of hosting and works hard in Dota but sorry we choose this other guy. Now I know it is more about putting on a good show and like I said he is a proven host, so it is not despicable. I just feel like they should give something to all of these casters/hosts who do so much for Dota and do good work during the year.

Article 7/24/17, 8:40 AM

I think the way that support play has developed over the years is one of the best things that has happened to competitive Dota. Firstly because I think it contributed a lot to teams/players becoming better and secondly it makes the game much more entertaining to watch. Gone are the days of mid being almost exclusively a 1 v 1, you have to be much more aware of possible ganks. And the synergy between teammates is also better because of supports being more active than years ago. I think that active playstyle even created more synergy between players in teamfights, you have to work together better during the early game so naturally you learn to do that during fights. Everyone got more map awareness as well, and with that strategy also got a boost. Of course all of these things aren't just because of supports but I think it contributed to it all.

Article 7/18/17, 2:32 PM

I am not sure if this ever happens in other countries (the reddit thread does mention China doing the same to US citizens) but any times visas are handled like this it really just seems like incompetence or stupid regulations. So you can provide proof that you are going there to earn money, that will be provided by a big company. You have proof of where you will stay and dates (included flight tickets I assume?) and probably the best of all, it has never happened that a person applying for a visa for this purpose (by that I mean TI) has overstayed their welcome. So the event they are there for, and the company they are proven to be an employee of both have perfect records, but nah dude sorry. It really just seems that it happens because there are either no set in stone criteria for entrance or they are just not applied in practice.I know the reason behind this is political, but well done. You punish young people wanting to make a living because you don't like their government. One that they can't even speak out against.

Article 7/17/17, 8:33 AM

It does make sense though, three slots each from the qualifiers means China gets 5 teams and SEA three in the end. I think with 18 teams a 3rd SEA team makes sense, we had two in each major. And TNC, Faceless and even Fnatic if they get to their potential level are possibilities for doing decently. And just on the point of SEA's performance at TI's, they have actually done pretty fine every year. TI one they had two in the top 8, with Scythe getting third. TI2 the two teams who competed both got top 8. TI3, well that's debatable but still Zenith got 9-12 and Orange barely missed out on the grand final. TI4 we had another MUFC in Arrow gaming and Titan finished 9-10 after pushing Newbee pretty hard. TI5 OK this wasn't good, especially Fnatic choked insanely but on the other hand MVP got top 8 somehow, they performed way above expectation. TI 6 all three teams finished in the top 8, thats the same amount of top 8 teams as China and EU together. Yeah this year should be meh again but just wanted to point out that calling them TI chokers isn't really accurate.

Article 6/20/17, 11:45 AM

First off, it just makes no sense to have the awards for a calendar year instead of the actual Dota years of TI to TI. And it is sad to see that GosuGamers fell into the trap of placing more weight on the most recent achievements, instead of the whole year. I expect that from the fans but you guys should know better. I think I agree with most of the winners, taking into account that it is calendar year based. Or at least if I don't agree then the winner makes sense too. But ok, how can you give Machine the award for best host, I don't care how good he was he hosted one event. You said it yourself that Redeye was amazing at three major lans. And isn't it a huge overstatement to say Faith_Bian is the best offlaner ever? He is really good but he has been playing at top level for a year. How can you say that he is better than guys like iceiceice and Universe when taking their whole careers into account?

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