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I find it strange how people who bring up the topic of players who withdraw because of their drug use like it means they are constantly using. It has already been mentioned how long weed stays in your system even if you don't smoke often. And are you really going to say there is something wrong with a player if he had a few drags over the holiday time? And even if someone hasn't used something in a while, longer than the time it usually stays in your system, why take the risk? Imagine if you had the shitty luck of it staying in your system for longer and you get a goddamn prison sentence. In short, just because someone isn't going doesn't mean he smokes all the time so stop that shit. And as for it being a case of performance enhancing drugs, have any of you who say that even used those drugs? Come on weed makes you play like shit. Meth on the other hand, well that can go both ways. But using meth as a performance enhancer and not as a recreational thing every now and then, well that guy wouldn't have enhanced performance for very long. Its not like how builders/painters can do it since you actually need concentration and prolonged use will seriously harm your mental capabilities.

Article 1/10/18, 11:25 AM

Well the definition of sports include physical activity so there, it excludes not only e-sports but all those others like chess as well. But lets be honest, so often when people in these contexts discuss whether e-sports are sports they are actually referring to whether it is a legitimate activity and not just a bunch of kids screwing around. Showing their lack of knowledge since they will say something like water polo players are respectable adults and competitors yet Dota players who have to put in more time and tons of discipline and earn more money somehow are not...

Article 12/8/17, 11:03 AM

If you base a sport on physical activity and ability and exclude F1 (any racing pretty much) then you really don't know how racing works. F1 racers are some of the fittest athletes you will ever find and it takes a massive toll on your body, not just in terms of fitness but strength as well. The role the "equipment" plays does set it apart from most other sports though. But I would say it is still a sport since talent etc still makes the difference.

Article 12/8/17, 11:00 AM

I can't imagine that anyone who wants to be in a top tier team likes the idea of playing with swindle (unless you need a stepping stone of course). Sure he has had a good idea here and there and has shown some good play. But his personality must be so off putting. I admire his dedication to his passion, and a certain amount of confidence even if it is a bit unproven is not always a bad thing in a competitive environment but holy shit he is next level cocky. It's one thing to be cocky but how many times must he be proven wrong before he realises o wait I am not a genius?

Article 9/7/17, 11:12 AM

Biver just has such a long spindly neck, is he half giraffe? And then that somewhat prominent jawline/face with it just looks funny. He should really pick up some weight and he would look pretty good, the ladies would be all over him.

Article 9/1/17, 9:19 AM

Holy shit what a packed schedule. I know part of why this system is better is that we will see more of the big teams during the year but wow this is a busy schedule. As long as the points allocation makes it possible for teams to not participate in all of them, which I assume is the idea, then it is cool. Because especially in this first year I don't see teams ever want to not play in a major but then you have eleven of them. But its cool, together with TI we have one big tournament per month. My one question is scheduling in the end there. The three most important tournaments are within less than a month of each other. Because prize pool and time till TI influences the weight of the tournament's points those last three are super important, they are tied as the highest prize or even the last one which is the highest prize pool of the year. If you want to play in each one of those you have a week to travel and settle in before the next one starts. And imagine if you think ok no we skip one we are ok, and then one team wins both of the first two, suddenly you are on the cusp of the necessary points for an invite but you already decided not to play that last one. Plus with all of them being in one month you are really giving a massive advantage to a team that peaks right in that month. Let's take the LGD's for example, they are doing very well right now but were nowhere all year basically. So lets say you have a team that has been doing just ok all year, maybe even getting some top 6 finishes. They are way more deserving than a team like LGD who was nowhere. Now that team goes through a slump in May or hasn't figured out the patch and LGD peaks in May. Sorry other team you sucked in three tournaments all year and this team who sucked all year overtakes you because of timing and luck. That is why the points allocation has to be really well thought out.

Article 8/2/17, 1:20 PM

Yeah it would be preferable if Valve helped them and told them what they need etc but personally if it was me and it is an event like TI I would just make sure myself by going to talk to people at the embassy, not that hard.

Article 8/1/17, 2:17 PM

I think you are right with them wanting to attract new viewers. And I believe Day[9] will know a bit more than Machine did. I really dislike the idea of the panel explaining stuff to the host though, even if it does help new viewers. OK if he asks a few questions that aren't totally elementary its actually cool in my opinion. Let's face it even casters do that and it is totally fine, that is why we have co-casters. Asking "what is a nuker" (extreme example probably) shouldn't happen, that is what the newcomer stream is for. But stuff like "why did they pick this hero to lane against this one, what makes him a counter" or anything draft related is quite fine, even long time players and viewers don't always know exactly why it is the case. And I am really glad they brought the newcomer stream back, that was a great idea and the few ones I watched at TI4 made it seem like you can even have non-Dota players watch that one and enjoy. Imagine having a girlfriend who doesn't understand what is going on and saying hey I am going to watch TI for two weeks anyway, why don't you join me since you are a decent girlfriend who is interested in my hobbies and maybe you like it too.

Article 7/25/17, 9:51 AM
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