RStars throwing 2nd game against LGD.Int And heard 3rd match was easy

Article 6/15/13, 1:49 AM

Thanks for eating mah rares, you get what you deserve greedy faggot.

Article 6/15/13, 1:48 AM

Go Orange!

Article 6/13/13, 9:46 AM

Report Fy, spamming

Article 6/11/13, 10:31 AM


Article 6/11/13, 8:32 AM

Wtf, hyhy will still be in the film even though he's not not playing Dota2 anymore?

Article 6/11/13, 6:38 AM

Zenith? Malaysian Team? Please fix, thanks. :))

Article 6/10/13, 7:58 AM

The original Duskbin was great, it's just stupid Pinoy Orgs. destroyed 'em due to being desperate for TI2...

Article 6/10/13, 7:22 AM