the only dota 2 teams worth anything right now are Na'Vi,M5, DTS. No one else plays at a high level. It's clear to any skilled players. No offense, EG is an average team and so is demon an average player. EG has several players which are pubstars but unable to ever win a real tournament. They can't gain respect. I.E. playmate, fear

Article 2/4/12, 10:54 PM

#27 usa dota and skill level is trash, hon-tier play in every public queue too don't embarass us with comments saying western dota is good when every player from USA takes sniper and goes lothar,midas or boots first baratrum. btw navi and eg are both playing on a low level atm, asians will rape them soon once a year EU needs to be raped by asians to be reminded of a higher lvl of play ignoring bat/slardar every game in 6.72..? lol..

Article 1/23/12, 7:39 AM

Art, hmm.. weird guy. I support synderen and disagree about the trash talk to him. He is a good guy and player. I hope synderen will disregard this flame and say nothing because he is mannered. However, I like art nonetheless because he refuse to give respect to any opponent but the best, who are the asians. This is why art can be legendary. He looks only at the top. HoN players and tournament winners are shit for him. We will see soon if art will go crazy on dota 2.

Article 1/19/12, 7:41 AM