Article 9/1/12, 2:53 AM

Quarter Finals Zenith vs LGD DK vs iG Finals LGD vs iG [:P]

Article 8/29/12, 10:45 AM

Fav Team is now on TOP 3 :)) A---Zenith,DK,LGD B---Orange not bad,iG,Ehome :)) Make it Happen :D

Article 8/28/12, 1:03 PM

#20 it so Hard to remain it unbeaten till they meet each other but there is a possibility..... i must guest that DK is the toughest team they might go on and get a loss.. imo T_T

Article 8/27/12, 9:27 AM

Almost on my fav 3 TEAM to TOP 3...... A----DK,LGD and the sad standing for now Zenith B----Orange,iG,Ehome GOGOGO get the TOP 3 SPOT :)

Article 8/27/12, 9:02 AM

A---Zenith,DK,LGD B---Ehome,IG,Orange GOODLUCK....BUT Group B TOUGH TEAM...

Article 8/26/12, 4:41 PM

Congratulations to the WINNERS......... Can i ask one betakey? :)) send me msg if has one :D

Article 6/23/12, 3:15 AM

yeah every Team have a chance to win againts Navi but still needs a lot of practice and good teamplay to make a good game [satisfied]

Article 6/18/12, 2:54 PM