• Name Min Thant
  • Location Myanmar
  • Primary game DotA

iG_over_everything's activity

Don't worry after Ehome.Malay disband then Mushi will join GG Guard and kick Yamateh then disband again.

Article 3/19/15, 8:12 AM

invashit Mith won game 1

Match 2/11/15, 11:57 AM

GG TS Won!!

Match 1/30/15, 6:13 AM

Butt hurt?

Match 1/22/15, 4:59 PM

Read my name and win bets. Thank me later.

Match 1/3/15, 2:55 PM

Fuck Ace or DK.

Article 1/1/15, 8:07 PM


Article 1/1/15, 8:00 PM

Korean Dota Best Dota... Korean Penis Small Penis

Match 12/11/14, 11:40 AM
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