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Source? I just looked all over for proof of this but did not find anything. Everyone, so far, especially on Reddit, have only mentioned the in-game comment "Ching chong". Doing an image search on "Kuku battlecup Ching Chong" only yields his in-game comment as well. If what you're saying is true then, it needs to be made clear to everyone that it wasn't just a harmless comment in a pub that started all this.

Article 12/3/18, 8:05 PM

If a team from the open qualifier win, it'll probably be execration, the team Jay was drafted to. I can't think of any other teams that could possibly upset TNC or Faceless. CG are good in SEA, but don't perform well at LAN's. I don't know if it's because they're new and they choke to the pressure, or if their play style just doesn't match up well vs teams from other regions. Regardless, they need to adapt if they want to win.

Article 6/18/17, 9:41 AM

I hate being forced to pull out too

Article 7/4/16, 6:07 AM

Kuku is a good carry, but TNC's lineup already has three good position 1 through 3 players. It's cool that he's found a new team, but maybe this wasn't the best team for him to join. Time will tell.

Article 4/11/16, 10:50 PM

Kuku and Julz are Mineski's best players at the moment. Better not of kicked Kuku.

Match 3/22/16, 3:00 PM

He actually did. After getting kicked from VG he and a bunch of other kicked players created team burden. I know Singsing was in that team, and maybe excalibur.

Article 12/4/15, 6:51 AM

I see the best them doing is 2-1 in Secrets favor. Puppey is such a good strategist and decision maker. What Mineski lacked against CDEC to finish them off was proper decision making. They're good, but still not top 3 good. I predict VG vs Secret in the finals, 3rd place EG and 4th CDEC. I will admit that I'm still rooting for them. They are really fun to watch; kind of like MVP in TI5. Newbie.Y took a game from Secret, so the dream is not impossible. If they step up their game even more and get a little bit lucky then they may just be able to take it 2-1.

Match 11/17/15, 2:56 AM

"managing to snipe Fnatic's mid courier carrying SF's boots and bottle". What?

Article 10/13/15, 9:14 PM
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