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XxChumxX's activity

My bad. It's 5 China, 4 Europe, 2 Americas, 1 SEA then. Still not unreasonable, though I would like to see more sea representation.

Article 4/26/18, 7:30 PM

Sure, but the complaints were not about the number of Chinese teams.

Article 4/26/18, 5:07 PM

In case you're still confused why there are 5 Chinese teams, there were supposed to be 4 European teams (2 direct invites, CIS qualifier, Europe qualifier), 4 Chinese teams (1 direct invite, 3 qualifiers), 2 American (NA and SA qualifier), and 2 SEA (1 direct invite, 1 qualifier). The reason why there are 5 Chinese teams now is because VP pulled out and that slot was given to a Chinese team.

Article 4/26/18, 5:03 PM

Am I missing something? How does throwing games in the qualifiers result in more Chinese teams qualifying for MDL? The complaints were that VG (a Chinese team) will lose intentionally to Keen (a Chinese team) so that LGD (a Chinese team) will not qualify. It has nothing to do with the number of Chinese teams at MDL. There would be 5 Chinese teams regardless. This just sounds like a hit piece from a salty NA fan. "Makes it hard for a lot of people... leaves a lot of people..." Stop passing off your own opinions as the opinions of "a lot of people". That's such a disingenuous way of writing. In fact, I often wonder how GGnet writers are even vetted. Some of the writing on this website is so terrible.

Article 4/26/18, 4:40 PM

I have a hunch that retirement in the chinese scene is a way to get out of an undesirable contract until it expires.

Article 3/3/15, 6:46 PM

EG drafted much better but just got outplayed too hard by ROTK + Fy on top lane. VG couldn't take rax for so long despite building up a snowball because EG have much better teamfight heroes. Even Merlini said he liked EG's draft much better.

Match 6/8/14, 7:04 PM

Nah, they can still do a 5-team round robin and 2 teams would qualify. The way I see it, they have to do it or they will be losing credibility on all their previous 'stability' emphasis.

Article 6/3/14, 1:57 AM

I agree we need to make drow waifu material.

Article 6/2/14, 7:54 AM
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