he'll be motivated again come TI3 [satisfied]

Article 4/1/13, 12:21 AM

cmon pinoy teams, here's hoping you redeem yourselves [satisfied]

Article 3/30/13, 5:07 AM

nice more SEA doto best doto

Article 3/25/13, 7:02 AM

interesting format [cool] edit: #1 this is g-1 not g-league

Article 3/14/13, 7:49 AM

let's be honest, dota 1 is in its dying stages competitively. i'm sure a lot of people are still enjoying the game, but 90% of the dota 1 pro scene has already switched to dota 2. SMM should too, the sooner the better. still, go PH! [cool]

Article 3/12/13, 6:04 PM

brace yourselves!

Article 3/11/13, 5:32 AM

i do

Article 3/10/13, 5:15 PM

hah xD

Article 3/5/13, 7:03 PM