• Name Ashhad Shabbir
  • Location Pakistan
  • Date of birth Mar 10, 1987
  • Primary game Dota 2

a.s.h.h.a.d's activity

Back in TI2 when sharky lost his passport Valve denied the whole team MUFC to play at TI instead they decided to pick the winner of Western Elite vs Mouz Sports the runners of West Qualifier and East Qualifier respectively who were there as a spectator. This time I think they should allow Planet Odd incase chappie fails to go to Seattle instead of replacing a player since it will be justice in relation with the previous event + Planet Odd is a runners up of Last TI except MoonS.

Article 8/1/17, 2:22 PM

Abed and PPD to join NP.

Article 4/7/17, 11:32 AM

Atleast put slight research before posting such stupid question.

Article 3/14/17, 1:48 PM

3rd game what a show of split push. 4th game. Anti-StormSpirit & Anti-TerrorBlade.

Article 2/27/17, 6:28 AM

Yesterday on Reddit some guy told that FATA will be playing with Feero and Yapzor and he drew the team draft something like this. 1. Feero 2. FATA 3. ??? 4. Yapzor 5. ??? then some guy suggested that forev is looking to play in EU and left Secret for their less aggressive style and told about 343 that he is also interested to play in EU. Interestingly these are the 2 players who can fill the blank spot of the above lineup + the composition would also be great. And now what its REAL. And the team looks solid on Paper and can be the front runner of the upcoming tournaments.

Article 12/31/16, 7:06 AM

Amazing stuff for Valve. Time to shift to new ERA buoys...!!!

Article 12/13/16, 6:49 AM

Saska the one we should not underestimate. After the success of DC Saska is the Player we should highlight for his talent.

Article 12/10/16, 10:44 AM

I want to add 2 things here. 1. Sumail was out of his mind. He played splendid and that gave EG an edge over VP. 2. CIS teams are quite known for their immediate collapse or whatever we call it choking. In game 2 VP were taking command as the game was progressing. They were ahead they forced them 4 buyback on the breach of their highground yet Non-one purchased Rapier on SP it still was not that bad if they would've played little composed their at the end but having no buyback and Rapier in the slots of SP they played little over careless style cost them the game and again I would like to praise EG for their call as they immediately went on to counter attack without waiting much and yes SUMAIL's BLADEMAIL pickup was one of the brilliant move.

Article 12/10/16, 9:12 AM
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