#59 No, hopefully not forever.

Article 10/17/08, 11:48 PM

#30 Should be done.

Article 10/17/08, 3:23 PM

K, that should be a bit better.

Article 10/17/08, 1:40 PM

You guys using IE6? :S

Article 10/17/08, 1:15 PM

#15 The bets are display at the top for me. They're last for you? Screenshot proof plz! :P

Article 10/17/08, 1:11 PM

#9 and #10: The GosuBet position shouldn't have changed. Can you explain in more detail what you're experiencing?

Article 10/17/08, 1:00 PM

#4 Should be fixed now.

Article 10/17/08, 12:15 PM

Awesome! I believe your ambition and clear intention of reaching your goal is that which will help you all the way. Remember, the same is true with WCG: If you've decided you can't beat Jaedong and Stork then obviously you can't. But think again! It has been done and it can be done again - use the same commitment there and you'll go through with it! I wish to encourage you in this step, just like I encourage all brave foreigners trying what you're trying. Hopefully the rest of the foreign community will back you up as well, rather than see you as a threat (which many will). Good luck in all and represent us well!

Article 10/16/08, 1:53 PM