#6 Thanks, corrected now.

Article 5/26/03, 3:30 PM

#3 Whats wrong with it ?

Article 5/26/03, 3:14 PM

#15 You mean Private Messages? That function is under construction!

Article 5/26/03, 3:03 PM

#7 Sunday, vs China.

Article 5/26/03, 2:41 PM

#18 In Swedish, yes.

Article 5/25/03, 10:04 PM

#16 I belive that Team SWE will have an own article with all the information about the national team instead of an homepage. I promise that I will finish this one faster than the homepage which was almost never updated. If I haven't fixed it next week - remind me, will you? The skin "Blue Beauty + Fade" works with Fading on links. Hover your mouse over a link and you'll se the diffrence. More skins are on their way.

Article 5/25/03, 10:00 PM

#12 I don't belive that for example Filip from Belgium will understand "FETT" but he will understand "GOSU". I think you understand why only English is allowed. Everyone must be able to take a part of it. /Jonathan

Article 5/25/03, 9:52 PM

#1 No. :) What do you think is wrong with it?

Article 5/25/03, 6:05 PM